Northern Strategy Group is a marketing consulting group based in Calgary Alberta based on the philosophy that you can grow your business in any economy, given that you have a proper mindset that will allow you to learn and grow.

We love all of our clients and aim to provide high value content that will help you grow your business, whether it be a lawn care business, or a corporate law practice. What you can expect from our blog is a mix of our own Canadian flavour of marketing, some basic principles of marketing, all the way up to more advanced tactics of marketing.

About our Team:

Alfred Wagner – CEO – Chief Executive Officer.

Al takes care of all the fun stuff of running our business, like financials, taxes, business supplies, invoicing and so on. Alfred Founded Northern Strategy group with one goal in mind – To help his friends expand their businesses like he expanded his refrigeration business. Constantly he would get questions as to how he was able to grow so fast even amidst constant downturns, and recessions, and his answer was simple. Learn marketing, and you will always have work.

Robert Seer – CSO

Robert is our Chief Strategy Officer. Meaning that he is the idea man. If you need a plan, the is the man you can count on. His background in marketing started when he was a young boy, selling lemonade on the corner of his street to pay for his comic books. Spider Man was his favourite. From the Lemonade stand he moved up to car detailing when he was in his teens to pay for his first car. A 1986 Camaro. After graduating, he spent time at the University of Georgia playing hockey and chasing women like most college men, while getting his masters of marketing. After the internet became more widely accessible he came back to calgary, and met with Alfred Wagner who convinced him to join his team and use his experience as a website marketer in silicon valley to help local businesses succeed online, and as they say… the rest is history.